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          Company Profile
      •   1、Introduction:Botou Dong Jian Casting Co. LTD was founded in 1994, covers an area of 53980 m2, land scope is 22700 square meter, including casting workshops 5600 square meters and machining plants 11000 square meters. Our company annual production capacity is 21000 tons, only casting products can reach 100 tons.
          Products Exhibition
      • 【Latest Products】【Latest Products】【Recommended Products】
          Enterprises Culture
      •   Our company implemented the ISO9001; 9001 quality management system for a long time. monitoring and measurement of the process came through the whole production to ensure the timely operation and effective integration as well as continuous improvement of the product, so as to guarantee the effective operation of the quality management mechanism, and enhanced customers’ satisfaction and trust, providing quality products and services to the whole world.